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Boone County Jail
Lebanon, Indiana

In 1832 Indiana legislation commissioned a group to create a County Seat located geographically in the center of the state. The County Seat is the city or town in a county where the government offices and buildings are located. The first Boone County Jail was built in Lebanon Indiana in 1833; the Jail was a 10x12 structure made of wood, located on the south side of the Courthouse. In 1877 the Jail moved to its permanent home northeast of the Courthouse at the corner of Washington & Meridian Street. Again in 1938, the Boone Co Jail was upgraded and fortified in the case of civil unrest. The Boone County Jail served faithfully until a new facility was built on the outskirts of town in 1992. Now Boone Co Jail has been resurrected into a Distillery.

Kinnard & Drake

After Indiana legislation decided a County Seat needed to be in the center of the State. Surveyors George L. Kinnard and James P. Drake purchased almost 500 acres of swamp land that they thought would be the most suitable for this new County Seat. Their gamble was rewarded when the State chose this piece of land (Lebanon, Indiana) and purchased the land from Kinnard & Drake at a substantial profit. Some people may call Kinnard & Drake lucky or good business men. We at Boone Co Jail Distillery would like to recognize these pioneers as the earliest known inside traders. Shame on you Kinnard & Drake, but well played.