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Conjugal Visit Rum

Our rum is like the love of a forbidden woman, it may land you in trouble, but it's worth every drop. Be sure to enjoy this libation in only the finest of company (preferable more than once a month) Handcuffs optional...

  • Proof 80
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Our Rum will be produced from the fermented juice of sugar cane, sugar cane syrup, or sugar cane molasses. We will then mash the milled grain with water in the Mash Tun, the Mash Tun will be insulated and heated. The mashing process causes enzymes to break down the starches into sugars. At set temperatures the mixture is most active, which are 113 °F, 144 °F, and 163 °F. This mixture creates the wort. The wort is the liquid extract from the mashing process. The wort is then moved into Fermentation tanks.

Next the yeast and nutrients will be added. Fermentation takes place as the yeast consumes sugars & oxygen; after the oxygen is exhausted, the yeast will feed on the oxygen from the sugars. Which sprouted from the mashing process. The nutrients added will help the yeast grow. As yeast grows and consumes oxygen, carbon dioxide is created. The fermentation vessel must be air tight and not let air in, but must release the carbon dioxide. The fermented wort is now called Mash, which contains ethanol.

Sean Stoller - Master Distiller

Proudly Served At

Cell Block 104 Restaraunt & Bar